Power To Bring You To Your Destination.

Modern vehicles demand Delkor® batteries for reliable performance. Built to last with PowerFrame® grid technology, Delkor batteries deliver superior power and lasting durability that you can trust to power your drive, bringing you to your destination every time.


Why Delkor?


Power That Lasts

Compared to standard flooded batteries used in start-stop vehicles, Delkor AGM batteries have 3x cycle life and EFB batteries have 2x cycle life. 


Power You Can Trust

Delkor batteries have been awarded as Korea's #1 Top Quality Automotive Battery for 16 years by Korea Standards Association.



Power That Delivers

Built with corrosion-resistant PowerFrame® grid technology, Delkor batteries give you confidence that your car will start day in and day out by minimising premature battery failure.



PowerFrame® Grid Technology

PowerFrame grid technology is a component designed to power a more durable and reliable battery for today’s vehicles; engineered to minimise corrosion, optimise energy flow and prevent premature failure.

  • Delivering You To Your Destination: PowerFrame grid technology is designed to minimise corrosion that leads to premature battery failure, the most frequently replaced vehicle component*.
  • Designed For Reliable Durability: PowerFrame grid technology is reliable and built to last. It’s nearly three* times more corrosion resistant, making it more durable than other grid designs. 
  • Patterned For Power & Performance: The PowerFrame grid technology pattern is optimised for full grid utilisation, providing more than 60%* superior electrical flow for better connectivity.

*Based on real world fleet testing.

The New Role for Car Batteries

Start-stop Batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery (AGM)

Delkor AGM batteries are the premium choice for high-end and advanced fuel-efficient vehicles with high electrical demands.

  • Up to 3x cycle life*
  • Superior Electrical Performance: Essential for start-stop vehicles with high electrical demands.
  • Certified Non-Spillable: Will not leak regardless of angle of installation, allowing for greater mounting flexibility.
  • Improved Durability In Tropical Climates: Constructed with heat-resistant homopolymer resin and heat-deflection container design.

*As compared to standard flooded batteries when used in start-stop vehicles. 

Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB)

Delkor EFB batteries are ideal for entry-level start-stop vehicles without regenerative braking and conventional batteries with higher-than-normal electrical demands.

  • Up to 2x cycle life*
  • PowerFrame® grid technology: Built for reliable performance.
  • Advance Performance: Supports conventional vehicles with high electrical demands.
  • Improve Durability In Tropical Climate: Suitable for use in engine compartments and tropical climates.

*As compared to standard flooded batteries when used in start-stop vehicles.