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Kick back in Kakadu

Enjoy more with Delkor® Batteries

Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands between school drop-offs or planning a road trip always trust Delkor batteries to get you there.

More than 25% of all car breakdowns are due to battery failures, so do not be caught by surprise and choose a car battery that meets your driving requirements.

You can trust Delkor batteries to get you to where you need to go. Delkor AGM and EFB batteries are a durable, reliable and safe choice for your vehicle. Feel secure whenever you’re in your vehicle: kick back in Kakadu or wherever the road takes you.

Batteries built for Australia’s harsh environment

For more than 20 years Delkor has produced car batteries built strong for Australia’s harsh environment and tough operating conditions.

Many modern vehicles use start-stop technology. These vehicles need a battery that can support the engine starting numerous times in a single journey. Delkor batteries with enhanced technology are designed for start-stop vehicles.

We understand how much you use them, and we’ve worked hard to create car batteries that are the ideal battery for your start-stop vehicle.

With a start-stop car battery that you can rely on, there’s one less unwelcome surprise to worry about. Delkor AGM and EFB batteries are engineered to minimise corrosion, optimise energy flow and prevent premature failure.

Not all start-stop batteries are built equal.

Avoid getting caught out on the road by choosing a Delkor battery that meets your driving requirements and delivers an outstanding level of reliability and power.

Reliable power wherever the road takes you

Delkor batteries are world-renowned for their superior quality and unrivalled performance. With advanced technology designed to support the Australian lifestyle, wherever your battery takes you, you can rely on a Delkor battery.

Going beyond what today beholds.

The Power is Yours.