The better start-stop car battery from Delkor®


Delkor Batteries for start-stop vehicles

Batteries built to last, longer.

Many modern vehicles use start-stop technology. These vehicles need a battery that can support the engine starting numerous times in a single journey. Delkor batteries with enhanced technology are designed for start-stop vehicles.

We understand how much you use them, and we’ve worked hard to create car batteries that are the ideal replacement for your start-stop vehicle.

Delkor AGM benefits:

  • Essential for start-stop and vehicles with high electrical demands.

  • Superior electrical performance to support today’s modern vehicles.

  • Certified non-spillable, will not leak regardless of angle of installation. This allows for greater mounting flexibility, such as in the boot, under the bonnet and in the cabin.

  • Longer-lasting and maintenance-free battery.

  • Improved durability in hot climate with heat-resistant homopolymer resin and heat-deflection container design.

  • PowerFrame® grid technology is designed to minimise corrosion that leads to premature battery failure.

Delkor EFB key benefits:

  • Designed for vehicles with conventional start-stop function without regenerative braking system.

  • Up to 2x longer cycle life than standard flooded batteries when used in start-stop vehicles.

  • PowerFrame® grid technology optimised for full grid utilisation, providing superior electrical flow for better connectivity.

  • Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required.