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October 24, 2023

Delkor® Battery Secures 18th Consecutive First Place in the 2023 Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI)


Delkor® batteries have been selected as the top automotive batteries for the 18th consecutive year in the 2023 Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index (KS-QEI).


The Korean Standard Quality Excellence Index is a quality measurement model jointly developed by the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and the Korean Society for Quality Management (KSQM), reflecting customer satisfaction with product and service quality and the characteristics of various industries.


In this year's survey, Clarios Delkor Corporation received the highest score in the comprehensive evaluation in the automotive battery industry for six usage quality criteria (performance, reliability, durability, usability, safety, accessibility) and three emotional quality criteria (image, cognition, novelty). They have maintained their position as the number one choice since 2006.


Delkor®, a brand of Clarios, a global leader in low-voltage battery manufacturing, supplies a wide range of high-quality vehicle batteries. This is achieved through advanced technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, continuous research and development, and rigorous quality control at every production stage.


SJ Won, VP&GM North Asia and ANZ, stated, "As the demand for high-performance batteries increases with the growing number of vehicles equipped with advanced equipment and in response to the global customer's need for environmental protection, we continue to develop our technology." He also expressed his pride in the journey of cooperation with customers and suppliers that allowed them to achieve 18 consecutive first-place awards in the automotive battery sector with the efforts they have accumulated to date.


Delkor® AGM batteries support the innovative Start-Stop function, adopted by many automobile manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency, by supplying a higher level of power to meet the increased electricity demand. They offer up to three times longer cycle life than regular batteries and are designed to provide outstanding performance throughout their usage. They enable rapid recharging in a low charge state, ensuring stable operation even when the power demand reaches its maximum point.


Clarios, a leader in the global automotive battery manufacturing industry, holds various global brands besides Delkor®, including VARTA®, OPTIMA®, and more. They produce one-third of the annual total vehicle batteries for the global automotive industry and provide smarter solutions for nearly all types of vehicles in over 140 countries as a global leader in advanced low-voltage battery technology.


As part of the strict ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management, Clarios have successfully established a case of a circular economy by recovering and recycling up to 99% of battery materials, resulting in a maximum reduction of 90% in energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Clarios network worldwide, the number of recycled batteries reaches up to 200,000 units daily.